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High School Confirmation Program Details and Calendar 2021-22



  • Students are expected to attend Mass every week—not just when they have class, but every  Sunday (or Saturday Vigil) of the year, as prescribed by the Church, as well as all holy days of obligation (August 15th, December 8th, November 1st, Dec 25th).  
  • In order to better enter into the Mass and listen to the Lord, students are asked to Write a paragraph summary of the homily each week with a proposed title for the homily. We will choose the best homily reflection and proposed title to be on our St. Vincent’s App as the description of the homily on our App--with credit to your name for writing it!
  • The class is timed so that students can participate with their families in the 8:30AM Mass.  Students/families are not required to go to this specific Mass, but it is recommended to attend this one if possible.  The most important thing is participating in the Mass weekly.  
  • Mass is the source and summit of the Christian life, and taking seriously the privilege and responsibility to honor and worship God the way He deserves/requires is an extremely important part of being a Catholic. As we go through the preparation, if we see that you are missing Mass, you will be invited into a meeting with the pastor to discuss this and potentially postpone Confirmation prep until Mass attendance improves.


  • Attend ALL regular class sessions: 9:30-11AM (after 8:30AM Mass) (once or twice a month) 
    • First Year Curriculum:  We will use a combination of various Confirmation curricula (Alpha Youth, Chosen Confirmation Program, Ascension Presents, etc.), personal testimonies from students and leaders, guest speakers, Fr. Alex’s homilies, Bible study, small group faith sharing, and hands-on prayer time with and for one another. 
    • Second Year Curriculum: Similar to above and may include You Program on Theology of the Body for Teens.  

Family Catechesis Component

  • Three- Four  times a year there will be a Sunday afternoon event for both students and parents (whole families welcome).  These events are intended to allow for the whole family to have an encounter with the Lord together, to grow in understanding of and relationship with Jesus and one another -- please mark your calendar with the sessions below, as they are required for both students and parents to attend. 
  • There is also an all-parish retreat  that will be required for students and parents to attend together February 24 and 25th (Friday evening and all day Saturday).  A powerful retreat with Encounter Ministries, Fr. Matthias Thelan and Patrick Reis (see Fearless Documentary or Encounter for more information.  
  • Burning Ones (Youth Encounter Night): Burning Ones is a  parish event with Praise and Worship, teaching on discipleship, and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with prayer teams available. Attend one with parents -- the date is set for January 14, 2022 (takes place of a youth night for that month), but if you cannot make it to this one, please make up for it on any other Friday.

Disciple Mentorship

  • Once in first year and twice during second yearstudents will be asked to make an appointment with two small group leaders for an in person or zoom meeting. The purpose of this disciple-mentorship session is to hear where the student is in their walk with Jesus and to help “coach” them on their journey.

At Home Family Discussion and Discipleship Work

  • Students will receive “discipleship work” to do over the course of the time between class meeting times.  This may be a daily prayer “assignment,” a video to watch and discuss with parents and/or sponsor, to have a Bible study with any member of the family, etc. 
  • We ask that parents and students download the free St. Vincent’s App, as many “assignments” may be to watch content on their (homilies/testimonies from parishioners.  Please sign up for the Confirmation notifications. Simply search. St. Vincent’s Parish on your device’s App Store. 


Steubenville San Diego Conference—July 2022

  • 3 Day, overnight event, San Diego, CA (USD campus) with renowned Catholic speakers, worship leaders, Mass, adoration, confession and the works!
  • Most likely July 29-31st 2022
  • Mandatory event for all Confirmation students during transition from 1st to 2nd year.
  • Cost: ~$240 (price is not listed yet by conference organization--this guesstimate is based on previous year’s costs plus inflation).  

Parish Community Involvement and Service (Each Year)

Serve at 1 event:

-Parish Festival                     -St. Vincent School Halloween Carnival Set up -Big Bash Set up (Date TBD)   -Santa’s Dinner Set up (Date TBD)

-Other Parish Events that come up during the course of year

Come to/Participate in 1 of the following parish community events with your family:

-Stations of the Cross during Lent              -Fish Fry during Lent

- St. Joseph’s Dinner       - Parish Movie Nights

-Christmas Caroling                                  -Mass Unleashed

-Walk for Life in January at Balboa Park   -Other events

-Parish group at Side by Side Life Perspectives 5K (October) De Anza Cove

Participate in one of the following ministries at Mass for four Sundays in a row:

-Greeter/Usher, Altar Server, or Lector

Personal Testimony Presentation

  • During the spring of the second year, students will work on their own personal testimony/witness to what Jesus has done in their life.  Students will be given a personal testimony creation guide and shown examples of how to share their witness to the Lord. As St. Peter says,  “Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope..” (1 Peter 3:15)
  • Students will have a choice to either create an #iwitness video, share his/her testimony before the congregation at Mass or Burning Ones, or share in the class
  • This will be the final “project” to show their readiness for Confirmation (this takes the place of the old model with exit interviews). 

Sponsor Requirements

Each candidate for Confirmation is asked to choose ONE sponsor (one only) for their sacrament.  A sponsor is someone who is willing to pray for and with the candidate, to be a role-model in the faith, and to journey with the candidate as they live out their life with Jesus and the Catholic Church.  In order to be considered for the role of Sponsor a person must (as stated in the diocesan handbook policy 314):

a.) be at least 16 years of age and sufficiently mature for this responsibility;

b.) be a Catholic who has been confirmed, has already received first Eucharist and is leading a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken;

c.) NOT be a parent of the candidate; and

d.) not be prohibited by law from exercising the role of sponsor.

[See Canon 893 with reference to Canon 874; Rite of Confirmation, 6]

  • Students are asked to choose a sponsor by October of their first year, in order that the sponsor may also journey with the student through his/her time of preparation for the sacrament.  
  • Sponsors are invited, but not required to participate in class and/or any other activities with the youth that they would like to/are able to -- same invitation as to the parents.
  • Sponsor paperwork:
  • Sponsor must have letter of good standing from his/her parish priest and fill out and sign the sponsor information sheet.



First Year Confirmation Calendar (2021-2022) -- topics are not set-in-stone, and subject to change based on the needs of the group and where the Holy Spirit directs us to focus (re-focus). Most class times will involve a video clip, testimony from youth or small group leader, Bible study, faith sharing and discussion, and practice in praying together/praying over one another -- encouragement to do the things Jesus did --pray for healing, peace, deliverance, etc.  Practical things to help us live a life that is centered in Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit. 

CLASS TIME = Families join us for 8:30AM Mass and class follows immediately after ~9:30AM-11AM for students only (parents welcome to drop in, of course, but not required)

FAMILY ENCOUNTER SUNDAYS = Families join us for 10AM Mass and both Parents and students (and siblings, if desired) join us from ~11AM -2:00PM for lunch and a mini-retreat.  Feel free to invite your sponsor, friends and other family members to this as well for an encounter with God!

YOUTH GROUP = Monthly required time for students only (parents welcome, but not required) -- usually Tuesday, sometimes Monday.  Sometimes at St. Vincent’s, sometimes field trip--see calendar for details and times.

All dates are required for the program

September 2021 

Sunday, Sept 5th: Mandatory Orientation Meeting *for parents AND students*  after 10AM Mass 11AM-12:30PM

Sunday, Sept 12th: CLASS TIME: Alpha Program: Life, this is it?

Tuesday, September 21st: YOUTH NIGHT 6:00PM-8:00PM @ La Jolla Shores --Beach,  Bon Fire and Bible study

Sunday, September 26th: CLASS TIME Alpha Program: Jesus: Who is He?

October 2021

Tuesday, October 5th: YOUTH NIGHT @ St. Vincent’s Youth Room 6:30-8:00PM

Sunday, October 10th: FAMILY ENCOUNTER SUNDAY - Fearless Documentary and Identity in God/Intimacy with Him

Sunday, October 24th: CLASS TIME : Alpha Program: Why did Jesus die? And Safe Environment Class (mandatory from diocese)

November 2021

Tuesday, Nov 2nd: YOUTH NIGHT @ St. Vincent’s Youth Room 6:30-8:00PM

Sunday, Nov 7th: CLASS: Alpha Program: Why and How do I pray?

Sunday, Nov 21st: CLASS: Alpha Program: Why and How do I read the Bible? 

December 2021

Sunday, Dec 5th: FAMILY ENCOUNTER SUNDAY - Jesus Still Heals and Wants to Heal You! 

Monday, December 13th: YOUTH NIGHT with Confession Available -- topic--the Sacrament of Confession--healing and forgiveness. 6:00PM-8:00PM *Meet in Youth Room and finish in the church

Sunday, December 19th: CLASS: Alpha Program: Who is the Holy Spirit and What does He do?

January 2022

Sunday, January 9th: CLASS: Alpha Program: How Can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Friday, January 14th: Special Burning Ones YOUTH NIGHT *For student with sponsor and/or parent/family 6:30PM-8:30PM in the church

Sunday, January 23rd: CLASS: Alpha New Life: How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

February 2022

Sunday, Feb 6th: CLASSAlpha: How Can I resist Evil? 

Sunday, Feb 20th: CLASS  Alpha: How and Why do I tell Others about Jesus?

Sunday, Feb 25th-26th Mandatory Retreat for parents  and Confirmation Students.  *Big event at St. Vincent’s.  Cost $65 (Friday Evening and all day Saturday). Sponsors encouraged to attend if in area. 

March 2022

Sunday, March 6: CLASS The Wild Goose Series: Baptism in the Spirit and Fire (episode 3)

Monday, March 14th: YOUTH GROUP with Confession Opportunity 6:00-7:30PM

Sunday, March 20th: CLASS: The Wild Goose Series: The Gifts of the Spirit (episode 5)

April 2022

Sunday, April 3rd: FAMILY ENCOUNTER SUNDAY - Topic: Prophecy: God Speaks and You can Hear Him for yourself and others! 

Monday, April 11th: YOUTH GROUP with Confession Opportunity 6:30PM-8:00PM

Sunday, April 24th: CLASS: The Catholic Church (Chosen, Fr. Mike, Decision Point)—why be Catholic and not just any kind of Christian? One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic; Scripture and Tradition. 

May 2022

Thursday, May 5th: YOUTH GROUP BEACH NIGHT at La Jolla Shores 6PM-8PM
July 2022

Mandatory Steubenville Conference Retreat for all first year students continuing into their second year. *Most likely July 29-31st 2022  *Date is not posted  yet, but is typically the last weekend in July  Cost: ~$240 (also predicted cost...not posted yet, but based on previous years)


 Sponsor Information Sheet