Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world

9 Days


AKA: Holy Spirit Intensive Zoom prayer meetings.... Because the Holy Spirit can bust through and do His thing even over the internet!

Join us for a Holy Spirit experience....whether you have experienced a Baptism in the Holy Spirit, or have no idea what that even means--if you are hungry for more of God and want to get closer to Him, then this is the Zoom Retreat for you!

Just like the apostles obeyed Jesus and did not depart when He told them to stay and wait for the "promise of the Father," we are going to dare to press-in together for the same promise of the Father--the Holy Spirit--who is as alive and well today as He was at Pentecost and in the early Church!

What to expect:  A different person sharing a testimony each night about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Teaching and discussion on the charisms of the Holy Spirit. Resources (non-mandatory daily "homework" for those who want --videos and other teachings that will help you grow in deeper understanding/theological grounding regarding the Holy Spirit and His gifts and charisms), Prayer together: Daily Holy Spirit novena, decade of the rosary, worship, spontaneous prayer, and encouragement to offer a fast, however God directs you for these 9 days, as we unite together in prayer for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, in our community, and the whole world!

All are welcome...seekers, soakers, and anyone who is curious or just wants more of God! Dare to press in to the promise of the Father and EXPECT miracles!

This is a FREE event.  You may come to some or all of the meetings. 

Meetings are Friday, May 22nd through Saturday, May 30th nightly  7:30-8:30....or longer for those who want to stay (no pressure either way -- just come when you can!:-)

Register by emailing [email protected] and putting "Registration for 9 Days" in the subject line  -- you will be put on the email list with resources specific to this retreat, and most importantly the Zoom Meeting ID and Password.