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ACA Letter from Fr. Alex 2020

Hello Beloved Parishioners and Friends of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church,

The parish staff and myself pray you are all well and staying peaceful during these challenging times in the world. Last March when parishes were being closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were blessed at St. Vincent’s to remain open for personal prayer, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and live-streamed Masses daily. Thank you all for your continued support during those challenging times! With all the changes happening, we did not get a chance to announce the Annual Diocesan Catholic Appeal (ACA), which supports many Diocesan wide ministries such as: catholic school tuition assistance, catholic charities, prison ministry, young adult ministry, and support for seminarians in formation to become our next priests. 

Our current Assessment from the Diocese for this year’s Annual Diocesan Appeal is $31,000. Last year our parish raised about $36,000, so this is a very achievable goal for us. I am sending in my donation, and I pray you will join me in supporting these ministries that are effective throughout our diocese, in bringing the presence of Jesus to so many different people. 

As you also know, last December we started a joint Annual Parish & School Appeal, for making up a deficit in daily operations at the parish and school. I am very thankful for everyone who donated to the parish, school, or preschool during that appeal. You should have received a hand-written thank you note from myself, the principal, or preschool director. We are very grateful for your support, prayers, and generosity. 

One of our goals for next year is to ask for money from parishioners only 1 time throughout the year. Therefore, starting in 2021, we plan to only have the Annual Parish and School Appeal, and to use some of the money raised for the parish to pay off the Annual Diocesan Appeal. There are many benefits to doing this financially, but one of the best benefits is that it reduces the amount of times I have to ask Parishioners to help donate / raise money for something. Therefore, my hope is that this is the last time I will have to ask for donations for the Annual Diocesan Appeal. Please help us raise this money. Whatever is not raised by the end of the calendar year, gets billed by the Diocese and then we have to pay the Assessment from our daily operations funds. 

If you write a check please note in the memo line: Annual Diocesan Appeal 2020.

If you would like to donate online, you can do this straight from the Diocesan Website,

Please make sure you select St. Vincent de Paul Parish, near the bottom of the parish selection list.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support as we continue the ministry and presence of Jesus in Mission Hills, and in the Diocese of San Diego.

- Fr. Alex