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High School Confirmation


Jesus’ first words on the scene were, “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:14-15)  Nineteen simple words that contain one giant, life-changing, life-saving message.  But what do they mean for our lives today?  The answer is...everything! 

The St. Vincent’s Confirmation program explores in an in-depth and hands-on-way of what the gospel means when it says that the Kingdom of God is at hand...right there for us to take hold of.  Jesus is alive and He wants to encounter you where you are and walk in relationship with you, as you allow the POWER of His Holy Spirit to dwell in you and transform you AND the world around you.  The Kingdom of God also means making Jesus the King of our hearts...of truly living, not a compartmentalized Catholic life, but an all-in life of discipleship--walking with Jesus minute by minute and doing the things that He did while He was on earth. 

The high school Confirmation Program at St. Vincent’s is designed to be an experience that will help each participant not only prepare to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, but also to develop and deepen his or her relationship with the living God, and live-out life-long discipleship of Jesus Christ, as an active member of the Catholic Church. 

Program Overview 2021-2022 - The Basics

Confirmation Prep at St. Vincent’s is a two year program (in accordance with a new diocesan stipulation for all parish sacramental prep programs).  It is a two year program for both public and Catholic school students.  The program involves elements of family catechesis as well as youth-specific classes, and events.   We seek to provide a variety of opportunities for the confirmation candidates to encounter God with their peers, as well as their family.  Discipleship “homework” exercises are intended to help the youth foster a vital daily prayer life-- the one-on-one time with Jesus that is essential to being a disciple of Jesus and a fully confirmed member of the Catholic Church.  Please see Confirmation Calendar below for the variety of required gatherings that are a part of the program.  You must attend/complete at least 80% of the program requirements in order to move on to the 2nd year. 

COST: $100 each year plus additional fees for mandatory retreats and other activities (see under retreats). Cost includes: Bible, supplies, course materials (You, Chosen, YDisciple,, etc.), facilities costs, teacher training resources, etc.

AGE: Students must be no younger than 9th grade and no older than 12th grade to start the program.

PARISH MEMBERSHIP: Only registered parishioners of St. Vincent’s are eligible to register for the confirmation program. Any non-parishioners, those who do not attend Mass at St. Vincent’s weekly, cannot register for Confirmation without the following:
- Letter of good standing and written approval to receive Confirmation at St. Vincent’s from the pastor of the parish they attend. 
- Permission from the pastor of St. Vincent’s, which may also require a meeting with the family. 
-  If approved, the youth must attend weekly Masses at St. Vincent’s, and Family must turn in a guest envelope for tithing (see Mass participation section).

HOW TO ENROLL: Click here to register by August 30th, 2021 and attend mandatory Confirmation orientation September 5th, 2021 11AM-12:30PM

Click Here for Full Program Requirements and Calendar!

We use a number of wonderful Confirmation Curriculum resources.  Classes will typically consist of a short video teaching, followed by small group break-outs where students engage with each other, as well as adult discipleship mentors and peer, Disciples in Mission team members in conversation about the content, and how God is working in their lives.  Preview some of the curriculum we'll be using:





You'll receive disciplship tools and be a part of our faith-filled community.



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