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High School Confirmation Program Self-Paced Program Details

High School Confirmation Self-Paced Program Details:


Mass is the source and summit of the Christian life, and taking seriously the privilege and responsibility to honor and worship God the way He deserves/requires is an extremely important part of being a Catholic. For this reason, a student will not be considered for the final interview and recommendation for Confirmation until they have shown a consistent 1.5 years of Sunday Mass attendance, every single weekend. Students are expected to attend Mass every week—not just when they have class, but every  Sunday (or Saturday Vigil) of the year, as prescribed by the Church, as well as all holy days of obligation (August 15th, December 8th, November 1st, Dec 25th).  The most important thing is participating in the Mass weekly at St. Vincent de Paul.  It is important to be a part of the parish community for Mass, if you are going to prep for Confirmation/be a part of the youth group at St. Vincent’s.  Mass should be attended weekly, even if on vacation.  Wherever you go, you can get a signature from someone there, or bring a bulletin as proof (in the case of vacation weekends). 

    • In order to better enter into the Mass and listen to the Lord, students are asked to record one thing they felt God speak to them during Mass in their Confirmation passport –this could be as simple as something that stuck out to you from the homily, reading or just an encounter moment you had with Him during a song, etc. 
  • The Young Disciples Meetings are timed so that students can participate with their families in the 8:30AM Mass.  Students/families are not required to go to this specific Mass, but it is recommended to attend this one if possible.  


Confirmation Activities and Corresponding Credit Units:
Young Disciples Meeting (2 Credit Units)  = ~9:30AM (after 8:30AM Mass) -11AM Various topics of discipleship will be covered with a mix of videos, testimony, small group questions, Bible study, etc.  See announcements for the upcoming schedule.  Meetings held in Bishop Flores Room.  Typically twice a month – every other Sunday.  We will use a combination of various Confirmation curricula (Alpha Youth, Chosen Confirmation Program, Ascension Presents, Theology of the Body for Teens, etc.), personal testimonies from students and leaders, guest speakers, Fr. Alex’s homilies, Bible study, small group faith sharing, and hands-on prayer time with and for one another.

FAMILY ENCOUNTER SUNDAYS (5 Credit Units) = Event open to all families in the parish. Families may join us for 10:30AM Mass and both Parents and students (and siblings, if desired) join us from ~11:30AM -2:00PM for lunch and a mini-retreat.  Feel free to invite your sponsor, friends and other family members to this as well for an encounter with God!

BURNING ONES OR OTHER PARISH MISSION NIGHTS with Parents/Family (3-5 Credit Units) Burning Ones (3 units) is a  parish event with Praise and Worship, teaching on discipleship, and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with prayer teams available. Attend one with parents.  6:30PM-8:30PM Friday nights.  Other multi-parish youth events or events at the parish will be announced via email with an accompanying amount of credit units offered for Confirmation student attendance. 

IGNITE YOUTH GROUP (2 Credit Units) = Monthly meeting times for students to gather with a guest speaker, or for a Beach Night, Lefty’s Trip, Bible study, or other fun and fellowship activity.   *Times/Days of the week will vary – see email for upcoming dates/times and topics. 

BRING A FRIEND BONUS (1 credit unit *up to 10 units max) For every friend you bring to youth events (not including volunteer opportunities), you get 1 credit unit, for evangelization.  Only friends who are NOT themselves seeking Confirmation credits  at St. Vincent’s are eligible for you to receive the bonus.  Maximum 10 credits…but feel free to keep bringing your friends even after you hit the max:-)

MINISTRY AT MASS (1 Credit unit each time – minimum 3, maxim 10) Participate in one of the following ministries at Mass -Greeter/Usher, Altar Server, or Lector.  Call Nico in the office to sign up - 619-299-3880.


PARISH & COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND/OR SERVICE ( 1 Credit unit each time – minimum 3, maxim 10) Participate and/or serve at parish events or service opportunities.  Examples: Parish Festival, Big Bash Set up, Other Parish or school Events that come up during the course of year, Stations of the Cross during Lent,  Christmas Caroling, Street Evangelizing,  Feeding the Homeless (Every last Thursday of the month), Walk for Life, Other events as announced.                    


DISCIPLE MENTORSHIP MEETINGS (2 Credit Units per meeting.  Min 2, maximum 6) A personalized 1 hour meeting with two of the leaders, in which you share about areas of your walk with Jesus and the leaders help to guide and coach you in ways of developing and deepening their he purpose of this disciple-mentorship session is to hear where the student is in their walk with Jesus and to help “coach” them on their journey. *You and 1-2 friends of choice may attend a discipleship meeting together or you may do it on your own. To set this up please email [email protected] and put “Set up appt for Confirmation Disciple Mentorship Meeting” –include available days and times during the week and preference for in person or zoom meeting. 


AT-HOME DISCIPLESHIP DISCOVERY WORK (2 credit units each (some may be worth more, as announced) min 2, max 16) Various discipleship homework and family work that should be done with at least one member of the family or a friend.    This may be a daily prayer “assignment,” a video to watch and discuss with parents and/or sponsor, to have a Bible study with any member of the family, etc.  We ask that parents and students download the free St. Vincent’s App,  and create a account for free.  Any of the resources on there — movies, lessons, etc. are eligible for at home work. Watch, discuss and write a two paragraph reflection. 



Once your passport shows that you have 80 credit units, and Sunday Mass attendance each week (a good trajectory for this is sometime in February of your sophomore year if you are aiming to complete everything in 2 years),  you should petition to be entered into the final stage of preparation for Confirmation.  Note that Confirmation takes place in the spring.  So, if you have been working at these Confirmation credit units for a year and a half and find yourself around 80 credit units, with a full completed weekly Mass chart, you can check in with the office, and let them know you would like to set up a time to give your personal testimony presentation and petition to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in the spring, as you continue to attend Mass and collect all 100 of your required credits for Confirmation. 


Personal Testimony Presentation

Students will be given a personal testimony creation guide and shown examples of how to share their witness to the Lord. As St. Peter says,  “Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope..” (1 Peter 3:15)

  • Students will have a choice to either create an #iwitness video, share his/her testimony before the congregation at Mass or Burning Ones, or share in the class
  • This will be the final “project” to show their readiness for Confirmation (this takes the place of the old model with exit interviews). 


Sponsor Requirements

Each candidate for Confirmation is asked to choose ONE sponsor (one only) for their sacrament.  A sponsor is someone who is willing to pray for and with the candidate, to be a role-model in the faith, and to journey with the candidate as they live out their life with Jesus and the Catholic Church.  In order to be considered for the role of Sponsor a person must (as stated in the diocesan handbook policy 314):

a.) be at least 16 years of age and sufficiently mature for this responsibility;

b.) be a Catholic who has been confirmed, has already received first Eucharist and is leading a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken;

c.) NOT be a parent of the candidate; and

d.) not be prohibited by law from exercising the role of sponsor.

[See Canon 893 with reference to Canon 874; Rite of Confirmation, 6]

  • Students are asked to choose a sponsor by October of their first year, in order that the sponsor may also journey with the student through his/her time of preparation for the sacrament.  
  • Sponsors are invited, but not required to participate in class and/or any other activities with the youth that they would like to/are able to -- same invitation as to the parents.
  • Sponsor paperwork:
    • Sponsor must have letter of good standing from his/her parish priest and fill out and sign the sponsor information sheet.


Registration COST: $100 each year plus additional fees for retreats and other activities. Cost includes: Bible, supplies, course materials (You, Chosen, YDisciple,, etc.), facilities costs, teacher training resources, etc.


AGE: Students must be no younger than about to or recently graduated from 8th grade and no older than 12th grade to start the program.


PARISH MEMBERSHIP: Only registered parishioners of St. Vincent’s are eligible to register for the confirmation program. 

HOW TO ENROLL:  Register via the St. Vincent’s App or website or call Peggy Tacchino or Reggie Puertollano in the office at 619-299-3880 or contact via email: [email protected], [email protected]