Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world

Upper Zoom Charismatic Prayer Group

A continuation and fruit of our 9 Days Event where over 50 people a night pressed in for nine consecutive days leading up to Pentecost and God kept his promise--flooding us with the power of the Holy Spirit and lots of new gifts and charisms.  

Now we gather weekly on Zoom to pray together, discuss what the Holy Spirit is up to, read about the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit and "practice" the gifts as we pray for one another over Zoom. 

Join us Tuesdays 6PM-8PM (PST) on Zoom!  

Newcomers always welcome--zoom on in from wherever you are in the world!:-)

 In the New Year, we'll be using a great resource called "A Key to the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church."  This was a book originally given to myself and other leaders of the old school Upper Room by Fr. Louis Solcia.  It is a great book written in question/answer format that goes through the gifts and workings of the renewal chapter by chapter (see listing below) that will help us to grow in knowledge and practice of the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit.  It's also got a great inspiration/fire-you-up anointing on it! The other benefit is that it's available in a Free PDF format, that you can read on your phone/computer. 

I want to encourage everyone to read along ---I've put the plan below for the chapter we will cover each week so you can read and be ready for the meeting--we will have a time to discuss the chapter--what stood out, what questions we had, or perhaps what additions we might add from our own experiences. Next week, we will start with Chapter 1--so the idea is to read the chapter before you come to the meeting.
If you would like to order a hard-copy of the book, Amazon has some used copies as well. You do not have to read the chapter in order to come to the meeting, but I definitely want to encourage you to do so, so you can not only get the most out of the meetings/grow in deeper discipleship as you accomplish this weekly commitment to spiritual reading and growing in the knowledge of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
As far as schedule for the meetings, we will aim for something like this:
6:00 Gather/mingle
6:05 Scriptural Decade of the Rosary
6:10 Protection Prayer
6:15 Praise reports: Approximately 3 people to share, about 3 minutes each.
6:25 Teaching/Book chapter or video
6:50 Praise Song
7:00 Group prayer in the Holy Spirit (pray in tongues, intercede, share what Holy Spirit is saying) 
7:20 Prayer over individuals*
7:55 Closing Prayer 







Scroll for the History of the 9 Days Event and some Glory Stories and answered prayers that came from it!

Original invitation to 9 Days:

AKA: Holy Spirit Intensive Zoom prayer meetings.... Because the Holy Spirit can bust through and do His thing even over the internet!

Join us for a Holy Spirit experience....whether you have experienced a Baptism in the Holy Spirit, or have no idea what that even means--if you are hungry for more of God and want to get closer to Him, then this is the Zoom Retreat for you!

Just like the apostles obeyed Jesus and did not depart when He told them to stay and wait for the "promise of the Father," we are going to dare to press-in together for the same promise of the Father--the Holy Spirit--who is as alive and well today as He was at Pentecost and in the early Church!

What to expect:  A different person sharing a testimony each night about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Teaching and discussion on the charisms of the Holy Spirit. Resources (non-mandatory daily "homework" for those who want --videos and other teachings that will help you grow in deeper understanding/theological grounding regarding the Holy Spirit and His gifts and charisms), Prayer together: Daily Holy Spirit novena, decade of the rosary, worship, spontaneous prayer, and encouragement to offer a fast, however God directs you for these 9 days, as we unite together in prayer for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, in our community, and the whole world!

All are welcome...seekers, soakers, and anyone who is curious or just wants more of God! Dare to press in to the promise of the Father and EXPECT miracles!

This is a FREE event.  You may come to some or all of the meetings. 

Meetings are Friday, May 22nd through Saturday, May 30th nightly  7:30-8:30....or longer for those who want to stay (no pressure either way -- just come when you can!:-)

Register by emailing [email protected] and putting "Registration for 9 Days" in the subject line  -- you will be put on the email list with resources specific to this retreat, and most importantly the Zoom Meeting ID and Password. 

GOD IS GOOD AND HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES!! Here are some ways that God answered our prayers in ways beyond what we could ask or imagine:

  • Around 40-50 people attended per night. Many of the same ppl came back all nine nights and prayed together for over 4 hours a night. In total, about 90 different people came to at least some of the Zoom meetings--one from Australia, one from Japan and a few on the East Coast, in addition to our San Diego central crew. 
  • About 10-15 people received the gift of tongues for the fist time over course of 9 days.
  • Many ppl felt the tangible presence of God in a heat or fire on their body. There were visions (I’ll forward one or two of Mary’s) or fire and God setting us on fire as a group.
  • Many people received an image or accurate scripture or other prophecy for someone for the first time.
  • Healings: Someone's knee was healed, someone's shoulder, someone with migraine's, other people reported some form of big or little physical healing and many with emotional healing.  
  • Many people received the gift of tears and joy/laughter/drunk in Spirit too. Ultimately, God’s love and power awed us all.
  • A couple ppl reported having dreams for the first time that seemed prophetic
  • Reggie and 3 others from 9 Days group Went to Walmart and offered to pray for people prayed for ppl. One person pain of a level 8/10 in his back went down to no pain. Lots of ppl felt loved and appreciated the prayers.

All of the above happened during the 9 Days of Zoom Meetings May 22- May 30th, 2020, and since then even more fruit has been reported, as many continue to enter into deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit, to grow in the charisms and to step out of the boat to use them to make the Kingdom of God manifest on earth.  Many have a new zeal for evangelism and are sharing the good news in word and deed, praying with family, friends and strangers for healing, a word from God and more.  If you participated, and haven't yet shared your story--write it down or send us a video so we can share it here! Email [email protected] with testimonies.