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Elements - DIP Series 1

Class 1

In Class Resources

Here's the video we watched in class night. (27 minute video).
If you do not yet have a formed.org account (the parish has bought you access to a FREE subscription), you'll need to create one in order to watch the link above.

  • Go to www.formed.org
  • Click "sign up"
  • Click "sign up as a parishioner"
  • Search by our zip-code (92103) for St. Vincent's
  • Create an account with your email 
You'll have immediate access to thousands of video, audio, book, and movie content that you can trust to share the true Catholic Church teaching! 



Goal 1

5 Minute Rule: Spend at least 5 minutes each day in quality intentional time with God.
Or if you are already doing this, add 5 to your regimen.  If you are starting at zero, see if you can do 5 minutes the first two days and then increase it to 15 per day by the end of the week.  See your Elements Commitment sheet for some prayer suggestions and then we will add more soon during our meetings!  *You might try prayerfully reading Proverbs 2: 1-6 as part of your prayer time each day (our guiding Scripture from last night).

Bonus Prayer "Assignment":
Obtain a Journal (Pro Tip: some cute Christian ones at Ross and Marshalls for like $4) and write letters to God -- Dear Jesus....then just write what you would say.  Also note what you feel He says back to you.  Make sure to date it every time you write.  You may also just want a journal specific to the Discipleship Immersion Process to bring with you on Wednesdays and put notes.

Goal 2

Obtain a Catholic Bible, if you don't already have one, and bring it with you to every Tuesday gathering. You can find a variety of Catholic Bibles at the Our Lady of the Rosary Gift Shop in Little Italy or just google/amazon "Catholic Bible" and you should find a good one (link up there was my search for Catholic bible--top rows are Catholic, but as you scroll it turns into some non-Catholic ones, so just make sure Catholic is in the title.
Some recommendations if you want a Bible with some extra inserts/learning opportunities:
Catholic Answers Bible
Great Adventure Study Bible

Bonus Bible "assignment": Incorporate Bible reading into your daily prayer time.  Perhaps start by adding a psalm a day or a few chapters in one of the gospels (we'll get to more on this in the next class, but you are free to get a head-start!)

Goal 3

Watch at least one of the video resources below:
The Search Episode 1 on formed.org
POWERFUL Homily from Fr. Alex about hearing God's voice in prayer.
9 Minute Video by Fr. Mike Schmitz on the effort we NEED to put into prayer and WHY!

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