Jesus' mission is our mission


Is Our Mission

As Disciples of Jesus we seek to follow Jesus on the Way to Eternal Life with God, by obedience to God's will, conforming our will to God's will, and striving to make Jesus the reason for living.

Jesus' Way of Life leads to Eternal Life

To become a better disciple

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Eternal Life

Is Our Vision

We are Beloved Disciples of Jesus, making more disciples of Jesus by Baptizing people into the family life of God, teaching them how to live life in the family of God, and uniting with the risen Jesus in His Sacraments, so we can offer our lives with Jesus to the Father for the Salvation of the World.

Our Parish Ministries seek to create Encounters with the Risen Jesus Messiah, so people can (1) hear the authentic Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the good news of Repentance to receive Forgiveness for their sins, and (2) experience the power and love of the Kingdom of God through the healing Presence of God in Prayer and Worship.

To know, love, and serve God, so that we can be happy with Him now and for all eternity.

The Body of Christ

Is Our Community

Jesus continues His mission and ministry of reconciliation through the presence of His Disciples on earth. Just as when Jesus came to earth, He never left His Father's presence in heaven, so too when Jesus ascended to heaven, he never left His disciples' presence on earth.
If you want to encounter Jesus, you can encounter him in His community of disciples, and through the celebration of the Sacraments He instituted, especially the Divine Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Our invitation to you

Register today and join us on our mission to passionately pursue a life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Registering as a member of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic parish is an invitation to join us on our mission to passionately pursue a life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. To seek relationship with God and continually be led by the Holy Spirit. To see the Faithful equipped to become empowered saints and to raise up disciples who will influence cities, regions and nations to advance God's Kingdom. To join our thriving community as we share our gifts to build up the Body of Christ. To be a generous people willing to do as Jesus did to see lives transformed and revival sweep the nations to bring the Glory of God to fulfillment.


Jesus invites everyone to follow His way of life and become His Disciple, but there is a cost to discipleship:
“Whoever wishes to be my disciple must deny their self, pick up their cross daily, and follow me.”
“Father, not my will, but may your will be done.”
Saint Paul, a beloved disciple of Jesus, shows us by example how to live - “I live now no longer my own life, but the life of Christ who lives His life in me…I live by faith in the Son of God who loves me and gave up His life for me.”