Kingdom builders

Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

Kingdom Builders is a community dedicated to sharing the love of Christ. It is designed to support us as we answer our commission to evangelize in our daily lives. We focus on street evangelizing, digital evangelization projects and—right here at St. Vincent's—guest and parishioner outreach—before, during, and after Masses and events.

Talking to people about Jesus doesn't have to be intimidating!

Our quarterly empowerment retreats and bi-monthly emails will fire you up and teach you new ways to share the love of God. You can count on plenty of outreach outings to practice your street evangelization skills with others. We'll grow together in knowledge and real-world evangelization experiences.

why we share Jesus with others

spread god's love at the church

Join Hospitality Ministry

Before, during and after Masses and events our Hospitality Ministers are essential! They welcome our parish community and guests into an atmosphere of belonging as we all prepare for an encounter with God. 

Bring God's presence to the streets

Join Mission Outreach

Come out with the Kingdom Builders community to share the love of Jesus. We're street evangelizing! You get real world practice and on the spot coaching and assistance from your fellow Kingdom Builders on the streets of San Diego.

build god's Kingdom here on earth

Kingdom Builders Email & Text Updates

If you are interested in staying up to date on the latest from the St. Vincent's Kingdom Builder community, please feel free to get connected below. By signing up you will receive regular empowerment emails, exclusive Kingdom Builder retreat invitations, and outreach outing updates. We hope to see you at our next outreach event and empowerment retreat.

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