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My shoulder is feeling better after prayer teams prayed over it after Mass.

Paul Santero

I had constant pain in my jaw for months. Gone.


I had been experiencing tremendous pain in my chest and tingling in my arms. I have been under a tremendous amount of pressure at work and was feeling like it might be experiencing a heart issue. It all lifted after receiving prayer, even the tenderness in my chest.


The top of my left foot had been hurting me for several weeks before the healing service. Approximately 3 to 4 days after the healing service the pain in my foot was completely gone.


I developed a severe case of Bell’s Palsy completely out of the blue in January of 2022. I was unable to blink, chew, swallow, make any facial expressions, or talk on the right side of my face. Shortly after my diagnosis, I received the Anointing of the Sick, and was prayed over by the prayer teams at that time. That same day, I slowly regained motion to my face, and was 100% recovered within 2 weeks, when I was projected to have months of recovery or permanent damage. This is now 18 months later, and I have not had any residual effects to the Bell’s Palsy, or recurrence. Thanks be to God!


During the August 18th Healing Prayer Service my knee was healed through a word of knowledge. We paused during worship to do a corporate check in and I noticed my constant knee pain was gone. Later that night, the prayer teams stepped forward with words of knowledge, one was for someone with sharp pains in the right knee & elbows. I "knew" it was for me so I claimed it! It's been 1 month without any pain. God is good.


God healed me of sinus pressure on my left cheek.


We believe testimony is the Spirit of Prophesy! Testify to what you have seen God do for others and yourself. Testimony builds Faith—signaling to others, "if God did that for someone, he could do it for me too!"

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