DIP Elements Series - Class 3 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 9/19/23

Still applicable resources from last 9/19 for your convenience...

Scriptures from class (may want to revisit and pray with one a day this week):
Bible Study from this week: Luke 11: 1-11 (Jesus teaching on prayer and the Our Father)

Verses from week before: 
Single Verses on God the Father
Psalm 68: 6              John 14: 9-11             Luke 11: 13      Peter 1: 3              Romans 8: 15
Isaiah 64: 81          Malachi 2: 10            Psalm 103:13       Isaiah 63: 16
Passages about Jesus' Baptism
Mark 1: 1-11          John 1: 19-34

2 New Bible Foundation/Encouragement Videos and One From Last Week

ALPHA: 25 Minute Bible Introduction Video from Alpha: This is the one with the story of the two ladies who were threatened with execution by hanging for distributing the Bible where it is illegal to do so.
Scott Hahn: One of the most famous converts to the Catholic Church (previously a non-Christian, conversion in High School, became Presbyterian pastor who thought Catholic Church was the "Whore of Babylon"...now he's one of the most reknown Catholic speakers and Scripture teachers.  This 11 minute video is comforting words of coaching on the difficulties of getting into the Bible.... 
10 minutes with Fr. Mike Schmitz on what to do when you don't know how to understand the Bible.
Song of the Week :  Good Good Father

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