DIP Elements Series - Class 4 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 9/26/23

We watched just the portion on Fr. Larry's 5 min surrender prayer method (21 min-26 min). Whole episode is wonderful though!

The Trinity and Faith (video from formed.org that we watched a portion of in class)

Still applicable resources from the last times

Single Verses on God the Father
Psalm 68: 6              John 14: 9-11             Luke 11: 13      Peter 1: 3              Romans 8: 15
Isaiah 64: 81          Malachi 2: 10            Psalm 103:13       Isaiah 63: 16
Passages about Jesus' Baptism
Mark 1: 1-11          John 1: 19-34


9 min above, 11 min below from two different, but great priests who have some great tips and motivation on prayer for you!
ALPHA on the Bible....here's what Michele had to say when she took the time to watch this outside of class (RAVE REVIEW and why we're keeping this here for another shot):
"WHOA! The video blew me away! This video made me excited to read the Bible: I WANT, I desire, I thirst & hunger to read the Bible. It finally hit me or hit me in a new and different way that the Bible is not merely book or a compilation of a story, a history or poems … it is God’s VERY word to me; I now get it! God is talking to me, having a conversation with me in a very personal intimate relationship with me through HIS words in the Bible. God is alive in the Bible and I can hear God’s voice of comfort, joy, excitement, love through all and any emotions that I may show up with on a particular day; God shares my fears, joys, adventures, agitation, restlessness and weakness through the Bible, His living word.
“God has spoken through the Bible & still speaks” ~ it is alive! “The Bible is a love letter” to us: for me, for You! A  love letter from God and that is exciting to me. The whole purpose of reading the Bible is to bring me (and you!) in relationship with Jesus Christ will give you a general overview of the Bible, along with good inspiration to read it.  Many of the short videos listed in the resources page may be very helpful to you as well.
I would say to anyone who may need inspiration/motivation to read the Bible watch this video! Even if you already read the Bible, this video may renew your excitement of God’s living message to You, to Me, to everyone that reads it." ~Michele

Song of the Week :  Talking to Jesus (that's what prayer is all about...and this song is🔥)

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