DIP Last 4 Things Series - Class 2 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 11/14/23

We watched the following from formed.org (make sure you have your free account already initiated):

We watched the trailer above for the movie "After Death" that is currently out. I would personally recommend seeing it, with the caveat that it's not intending to give the full Gospel, nor teaching on what happens after we die.  Hopefully you gained some of that here and will continue to study the catechism and Bible and other great Catholic resources.  The documentary, however, has some amazing personal testimonies, none of which contradict what we believe about God and what happens when we die.  *Reminder that searching NDEs on youtube may lead you to some very heretical type understandings of the afterlife.  We should understand NDEs as private revelation/visions/prophecy...people can have wrong interpretations of what they experienced and/or could be flat out lying.  The movie, however, is Christian made and has a ton of scientific evidence.  There are also some great stories on youtube about NDEs that are edifying and non-contradictory to Catholic teaching.  Just a warning to be discerning if you were going to search them out. 
We watched a quick scene from the movie Purgatory: The Forgotten Church (40 second trailer above) as a teaser to entice you watch the full thing.  We were going to have a showing of it tomorrow after the prayers with the Intercessors, but there wasn't enough of a quorem, so we will just leave you the option of watching it on your own at your convenience.  The entire 1.5 hour documentary is available for free by clicking the link below. 

Powerpoint from last night. Contains info from last week, as well as Jesus' words on heaven that we read in class and pictures we looked at here.

Below is the Audio from most of the class (excluding small group time and the videos (which are above):

We looked in the powerpoint at some ways to imagine Heaven. Understanding that it's beyond anything we could imagine, there are still things we can know.  We listened to Jesus' words on Heaven and then the slide show and the following video (see full explanation of video below).
WHERE THE *Heck* Is MATT Youtube Project:
The title is a little ironic (and apologies for the the language), but the overall video is worth it, I think to give us a tiny taste of the broadness of the gathering of the nations and joy of Heaven....it wasn't the intention of the person who made this video (I don't think), but I feel like this video is a powerful, artistic taste of the joy, community, brother/sister love and fullness of life we will experience in Heaven.  It's a watch and listen.  A few points to let your mind ponder as you watch:
  • Every precious person in this video is one that the Lord Jesus came to save and wants to be with Him in Heaven for eternity
  • In 120 years from now, every single person in this video will be dead and in one of two places for eternity--heaven or hell.
  • The joy, love and community feel might give us a tiny taste of the joy, love, community  in Heaven.  Of course it will be focused on the worship and relationship with God...but we will be together with the communion of saints and that will be a part of the joy as well.  So, while it's secular, I think it offers a  beautiful picture of aspects of Heaven
  • The beauty, diversity, and creativity of God's design--the scenes from all the different places in the world, all the different people--the Lord truly is a creative genius and all that is True, Good, and BEAUTIFUL.  

Additional Related Resources

Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the 4 Last Things: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Section:
Paragraphs 988-1022: Judgement and dying
Paragraphs 1023-1029: Heaven
Paragraphs 1030-1032: Purgatory
Paragraphs 1033-1037: Hell
Paragraphs 1038-1041: The Last Judgement
Paragraphs 1042-1060: New Heaven and New Earth 

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