7 Days in Heaven Challenge: Day 2

7 Days in Heaven Challenge: Day 2 Emotional Family Reunions

Day 2  Scriptures

Psalm 136
Luke 15: 1-10 (and add the prodigal son 11-32 if you feel so caled)
1 Timothy 2: 1-4
2 Timothy 4: 6-8
Take time to prayerfully read and mull over these Scriptures.  Write the one verse that really sticks out to you or you have questions about.  Dialogue with Jesus about it.  Write down the insights you feel He gives you.

Optional instrumental worship music  to play in the background as you read the Word of God (for some this may help to enter more deeply into the scriptures, for some silence will be better). You may also want to try reading the Bible passages out loud. 

Daily Inspiration to Imagine Heaven

 These are just fun or inspirational for you to enjoy.  The feelings the resources in this section evoke are meant to give us a tiny taste of some form of earthly goodness that maybe can translate to teeny glimmer of the GREATNESS of Heaven!
Day 2: Compilation of surprise return homes from military service men and women to their families.  Powerfully emotional. See explanation of connection below. 
The emotions in the above compliation of soldiers returning home and surprising their families is POWERFUL.  As Fr. Mark Mary says in today's theological resource below--this is a very powerful taste of what Heaven is like.  Not only the reunion with our loved ones (which will be AMAZING), but even more so with our Heavenly Father --it's going to be the most amazing reunion imaginable!

And below is a bonus song about our "Homecoming" in Heaven.  On the first year anniversary of my brother's death, I (peggy) turned on the radio to hear this song for the first time at exactly 5:13 seconds, right after I had been walking at the beach and thinking about Arthur in Heaven and a one day reunion....GOD SPEAKS! I recommend entering into this song with your imagination and picture the day when you will get to Heaven and be reunited to all who have gone before you, and especially being received with a powerful hug from Jesus!

Theological Resource

Today Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Heaven
Paragraphs 1026-1029 and you will have finished the Heaven portion of the catechism
Watch this 9 minute video with Fr. Mark Mary --such a great explanation of what we are trying to do with this 7 day challenge and why it's important to connect our hearts to Heaven.

Worship Song of the Day 

We will be worshipping the Lord for all eternity, singing with our voices.  Let's start now.  It takes practice...enter in to today's song, sing along and truly picture yourself before the throne of GOD offering high praise to God with the angels and the saints, and all those who have gone before you.  The more heart you really give to this 5 minutes of worshipping the Lord, the more you will be able to enter into the REAL song of Heaven that is being sung all the time...we just have to tune our ears to hear it and our hearts to know what the saints have discovered--that God is WORTHY of all our love, devotion and worship....and we were "made for the praise of His glory" (See Ephesians 1). 
Day 2: "Worthy of It All" David Brymer

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