7 Days in Heaven Challenge: Day 3

7 Days in Heaven Challenge: Day 3 Roll Call in Heaven by Mattie Stepanick

Day 3  Scriptures

Psalm 103
John 10: 7-10
John 5: 24
1 Thes 4: 13-18
Take time to prayerfully read and mull over these Scriptures.  Write the one verse that really sticks out to you or you have questions about.  Dialogue with Jesus about it.  Write down the insights you feel He gives you.

Optional instrumental worship music  to play in the background as you read the Word of God (for some this may help to enter more deeply into the scriptures, for some silence will be better). You may also want to try reading the Bible passages out loud. 

Daily Inspiration to Imagine Heaven

Day 3: Beauty! And a powerful testimony from a boy who died young, after losing all his siblings... 10:45-40 minutes is full story

Theological Resource

4 Minutes from Fr. Mike about how Heaven is a GIFT that none of us is good enough to earn...but Jesus gives us the grace and His own life inside us to be able to enter into full Communion with God in Heaven.

Worship Song of the Day 

Day 3: "Yeshuah" by Eleni Baker
We will be worshipping the Lord for all eternity, singing with our voices.  Let's start now.  It takes practice...enter in to today's song, sing along and truly picture yourself before the throne of GOD offering high praise to God with the angels and the saints, and all those who have gone before you.  The more heart you really give to this 5 minutes of worshipping the Lord, the more you will be able to enter into the REAL song of Heaven that is being sung all the time...we just have to tune our ears to hear it and our hearts to know what the saints have discovered--that God is WORTHY of all our love, devotion and worship....and we were "made for the praise of His glory" (See Ephesians 1). 

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