7 Days in Heaven Challenge: Day 5

7 Days in Heaven Challenge: Day 5 Earth is the Womb of Heaven

Day 5 Scriptures

Luke 6: 20-24
Revelation 21: 9-27
Col 3: 1-17
Take time to prayerfully read and mull over these Scriptures.  Write the one verse that really sticks out to you or you have questions about.  Dialogue with Jesus about it.  Write down the insights you feel He gives you.

Optional instrumental worship music  to play in the background as you read the Word of God (for some this may help to enter more deeply into the scriptures, for some silence will be better). You may also want to try reading the Bible passages out loud. 

Daily Inspiration to Imagine Heaven

Day 5: Beautiful Journey of Life in the Womb....and Here's why
At my (Peggy) grandma's funeral, the priest said something that clicked deeply and brought me big time illumination and peace regarding death and Heaven. He explained that as a baby is safe in its mother's womb, enjoys life, is provided for and content, this is also the only reality he or she knows (even though all around them they are actually taking part in a greater reality daily that they cannot see)....
Everything changes when they are birthed into this vast world of beauty, relationships, purpose and an earthly journey that is so amazing, they would never desire to enter back into the womb.  In the same way, the priest explained, "earth is just the womb of Heaven." As you watch this beautiful video of a baby developing in her mother's womb, first take in the extraordinary miracle of life....but then compare this beauty to life outside the womb.....this might give us a little taste of how Heaven will truly be the destination, the goal, the longed for fulfillment of our journey of growth here on earth.  
Bonus Songs: Joy to the World & Oh Holy Night Why? Because who doesn't get a tiny glimpse of the joy of Heaven from these soul-stirring Christmas Carols that actually sing of the wonder of our loving God who became man!?!  The Second Person of the Trinity, God the Son, became  incarnate in the womb of Mary, grew up and lived life as fully God and fully Man in the Person of Jesus Christ.  Then He was crucified, died and buried--gave His life as a our Sacrificial Lamb in order to conquer sin and the grave.  He rose from the dead, walked around for 40 days, ascended into Heaven and sent His Holy Spirit all to put His life inside us.  Jesus did all of this to open Heaven to us...to impart His divine nature and make us adopted sons and daughters of God, capable of receiving and living in our Heavenly inheritance for eternity--because He loved us and wanted us to be HAPPY with Him forever in Heaven! That's deserving of one more Christmas Carol...😉

Theological Resource

5 Minute Catholic Resource about What Heaven is Like! 

Worship Song of the Day 

Day 5: Heaven/Holy by Andrew Hopkins
We will be worshipping the Lord for all eternity, singing with our voices.  Let's start now.  It takes practice...enter in to today's song, sing along and truly picture yourself before the throne of GOD offering high praise to God with the angels and the saints, and all those who have gone before you.  The more heart you really give to this 5 minutes of worshipping the Lord, the more you will be able to enter into the REAL song of Heaven that is being sung all the time...we just have to tune our ears to hear it and our hearts to know what the saints have discovered--that God is WORTHY of all our love, devotion and worship....and we were "made for the praise of His glory" (See Ephesians 1). 

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