DIP Prayer Series - Class 1 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 1/09/24
Prayer Part 1

Additional Related Resources

Lots of options! Your Discipleship Homework involves picking one to watch this week and journaling about it.  Feel free to watch more though! Various lengths, topics and speakers!
Don't let prayer become "just as important as cleaning your toilet"...as Fr. Mike says.  8 minutes of some pretty great keys to help you cultivate a consistent prayer life!
6 Minutes from Fr. Mark Mary -- how to talk to God from the heart. 
Below is a great episode of Life on the Rock with Fr. Larry Richards.  If you watch just from 20-31 minutes you'll find some really great practical tips for a certain method of prayer that will help you grow in intimacy with God. 
Below a longer talk from the SEEK Conference by Sr. Mary Grace -- 7 Life Changing Tips for Prayer.  Inspiring and practical. 
Songs of the Week:  "I'm Listening" Chris McClarney

Click here for this week's discipleship homework goals!

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