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Resources From Class 2/20/24
The Catholic Church and the
Seven Sacraments Part 3

We started by reading John 6: 47-66, Part of the Bread of Life Discourse in Small Group, then we looked at the teaching on the Eucharist with this Slide Show (Note: we did not get to take a look at the part with the Early Church Fathers writing on the Eucharist--see the end of the slideshow for some AMAZING quotes --what they believed and understood the Mass and Eucharist to be as early as 90AD!
We did not get to the below Sketchpad Video on the Eucharist, but it's a great short one (6 minutes) to help reiterate or explain for the first time if you missed class last night:
We did watch this short Sketchpad Apologetics/Explanation of the Sacrament of Confession, but we did not get to the "Confession is a Place of Victory" One below it--that's the one that will more pump you up, allay your fears and pull your heart strings.  As I mentioned we stayed on the practical side last night because of the time constraint.  We will revisit Confession again at the beginning of next week. 

Additional Related Resources

Song of the Week: Reckless Love by Cory Asbury.  This song is based off of the singer's personal testimony and the story of the parables of the lost sheep and prodigal son that Jesus tells in Luke 15. It's a great meditation on how much God loves us and runs after us, no matter how far away we are from Him.  He is longing to heal us, love us and strengthen us through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Picture the Lord looking at you and "loving you" as it says in Mark 10 even in those most sinful moments of your life, that you are about to bring to Confession.  See Him looking at you not with condemnation, but with compassion, love and sadness saying, "I have something so much better for you, please turn back to Me and live true life, freedom and joy."

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