DIP The Catholic Church & the 7 Sacraments - Class 4 DISCIPLESHIP HOMEWORK

DHW February 27, 2024

Goal 1

During your Scripture Reading Time, try doing a lectio Divina (Prayerful reading, conversational with the Holy Spirit) about the following Scripture passages that have to do with Marriage and Holy Orders.  Do one a day

Mark 10: 1-11
John 2: 1-12
Matthew 19: 1-12
Luke 20: 27-40
John 13: 1-20
John 20: 19-23
1 Timothy 3: 1-16
1 Corinthians 7: 1-40

Goal 2

Ask the Holy Spirit questions about your vocation and journal your answers:

Holy Spirit, are there ways You want me to better live out my vocation?

Holy Spirit, are there any blind-spots in my relationship with my husband/wife?

For singles: Holy Spirit, do you want me to be married? If so, what steps do you want me to take to prepare? What is a next step I should take?

Holy Spirit, do you want me to consider becoming a priest or religious? If so, what is a next step you want me to take?

ALSO: If married or prepping for marriage --watch one of the resources with your spouse or spouse-to-be from the Resource page (there's a ton of great ones) and discuss how you can best live out your vocation as a team for Jesus.  If single, and desiring marriage watch one of the resources and write a prayer for your future spouse.

Goal 3

Re-watch and pray through the examination of conscience with Fr. Mark Mary, or read and pray through this one you received in class.  Make a commitment to God (with a smart goal of date and time and preparation in prayer) to go and make the best confession of your life before Easter (this is necessary and required for all candidates who will receive sacraments at Easter Vigil, but recommended for all).  Also, make a commitment to Jesus for a regular cadence of Confession in your life....talk with the Holy Spirit about it, but a good recommendation is once every 2 - 6 weeks.  Also pray about going to a regular confessor that can get to know you and give you counsel to truly repent and help you in the process of leaving sinful habits behind and creating virtue.

Reminder: Confession once per year is the required minimum from the Precepts of the Church, but more is recommended.  And of course, it is necessary to go to Confession before receiving Communion whenever you commit mortal sin, so also consider intentionally committing to/planning on going to Confession right away should you commit mortal sin.  

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