DIP "Hard Sayings of Jesus" - Part 1 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 3/5/24
The "Hard" Sayings of Jesus and Catholic Morality Part 1 Resources 

After opening small group discussion/brainstorm on the harder Church teachings for ourselves or others to grasp and be on board with, we did a meditation on John 17: 14-23.  This is Jesus praying for us at the last supper.  See Him praying it for you...even insert your own name in place of "them" and hear His love and desire for all people to know the truth that will bring them joy complete.
We just watched from 2 Min - 21 Minutes of the above Symbolon Episode, but please feel free to watch the full thing (we only have so much time in class, but obviously the more you dive in and the more information/instruction you get on these topics, the more you will be able to understand, accept, live and share the truth of Jesus' teachings).

We then watched the below 4 Minute Video on Pornography and its effects on individuals and society (see below in extra resources for a few of the many ministries the Church offers to help those who are struggling with pornography addiction).
Again, for time's sake we watched just a very small portion of this talk from Fr. Mike Schmitz on the topic of same-sex attraction or homosexuality and Church teaching (26 min - 32 min)...strong recommendation to watch the full video and some of the others below.  I will also post the links to Courage and Encourage and other ministries that minister to those with same-sex attraction. 

Additional Related Resources

100%  No Side Effects
97-99% Effective in Avoiding Pregnancy
Enhances Communication with Partner
Can Help Diagnose Reproductive Health Issues: Infertility, Menstrual Cramps, Endometriosis, etc.
In Vitro Fertilization and Contraception
3 Short Videos with More Explanation from a societal perspective
Freedom from Pornography Resources and Testimonies
Matt Fradd shares his own testimony on overcoming pornography addiction and has a website, a few books and free programs to find freedom from pornography and masturbation. See links below. 
Matt Fradd has a podcast and a youtube channel called "Victory" that helps both men and women overcome pornography.  Lots of good science, lots of great testimonies and resources.  Check out the 1.5 minute ad/explanation below:
Church Teaching on Homosexuality, Testimonies of those with Same-Sex Attraction and Ministries
Short 11 minute Intro to topic of Homosexuality and the Catholic Church with Jason Evert
Youth Conference talk from Mary Bielski on Church teaching regarding homosexuality and same sex attraction--very good and includes her own testimony.
Kim Zember's own testimony of living a Catholic life with same-sex attraction.  (I've met her, she's an awesome disciple of Jesus and has a really powerful story in general!)
Song of the Week: "The Truth" by Caedmon's Call This is a throw back to my college days, a little known, but beautiful song/prayer.  The lyrics resonated deeply with me as I was wrestling with the things I was hearing about Jesus being the truth, and the only way to Heaven and all my relativistic sensibilities...one of my favorite lines ever:

"Cause we're all just as good and just as bad and just as distracted by the corners of our eyes, as our fathers were and theirs before and all those before them..."

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