Holy Week Discipleship Homework 3-26-24

DHW March 26, 2024

Goal 1

Increase your personal prayer time by 30 minutes each day.  Spend extra time thanking Jesus and meditating on Jesus' last days, the Last Supper, Jesus Passion and Death.  Read the scriptures on these topics and place yourself in the scene:

Matthew 26-27
Mark 14-15
Luke 22-23
John 12-19

Those are all the chapters that have relevant information.  Read more than you normally would.  Journal about what you read. 

Goal 2

Dialogue with Jesus, Ask Him questions about what He went through and why He did.  Journal your answers.

Goal 3

Take the evangelizing challenge and pass on this beautiful, moving art about Jesus to some people in your phone who probably aren't otherwise paying attention to the fact that it's Holy Week....pray for them before you send it.  Watch what God will do. 

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