Habits of Discipleship Part 3 Resources

Resources From Class 4/23/24
Habits of Discipleship Workshop and Stewarding God's Gifts Part 3

Here's What We Did in Class:
  • We continued a lesson from Dr. Caroline Leaf (part 4 of her Switch on Your Brain DVD series (not available online, so I cannot show it)
  • Then we talked about tithing and stewarding our finances -- we had a testimony from Sallie Brown and Deacon Kevin and shared in small group

  • Below, you can find the video we watched the first 15 minutes of last week from Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Christian neuroscientist who talks about God's design for our brain and how it is reformed and affected by our thoughts/mind.  
Handouts from 4/23/24
Dr. Caroline Leaf handouts from last week:
The Catholic Pscyhologist who also talks about mindfulness (similar to Dr. Caroline Leaf) that Linda Mentioned last night, below:
Song of the Week: "Make Room" by Community Music

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