Habits of a Disciple Workshop Part 4- Discipleship Homework

DHW April 30, 2024

Goal 1

Meditate on these Passages from the Word of God that have to do with intentionality and running the race so as to win with community

1 Tim 4: 6-16
1 Cor 9: 21-27
Galatians 6: 7-10
2 Peter 1: 1-11
James 2: 12-27
Hebrews 6: 1-8
Sirach 6:8-37 (surprise treasure in Old Testament, you might not know)

Read them outloud and emphasize different words each time, journal about them asking the Lord help you accomplish and focus in on what they are asking of us.

Goal 2

Spend some time with the any of the previous worksheets that you haven't yet looked at or go back to one you started, but did not finish. 

Goal 3

Choose ONE small step to take this week to be a better steward of your life -- adding an intentional focus on God that you do every day for one week. 

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