Discipleship Homework: Evangelization, Service & Connection Part 4

DHW May 28, 2024

Goal 1

Meditate on these Passages from the Word of God that have to do with the importance of Community and friendship with other believers

Over the summer, aim to commit to 15 minutes more than you had been doing (minimally 30 minutes) of personal prayer time.  Commit to read the Bible daily and journal as part of your prayer time.  Consider books of the Bible at a time...
Perhaps create a habit in your prayer time to start with
Read one psalm outloud
Make your way chapter or half chapter a day (true meditative slow reading and journaling about what God is saying to you) through a Gospel and/or the Book of Acts or some of the letters in the new testament

Goal 2

Ask: "Jesus, who are the people you want me to do life with so I can grow in relationship with you?"  
"Holy Spirit, is there anyone you want me to be mentored/discipled by? Is there anyone you want me to disciple?"
"Lord what action steps do you want me to do in light of the answers you gave me to the first two questions?"

Goal 3

Take those action steps!! Be in community! Continue to grow over the summer and serve and lead others to Jesus!

Use the documents on the Resources page to guide you in your discipleship relationships and mission community group. 

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