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Help us reach our goals

Current fund status / Goals as of October 2021:

  • Parish Endowment Fund $59,914 / $100,000
  • School Endowment Fund $23,637 / $100,000

Why donate to the parish endowment fund?

An Endowment Fund is a Fund used for permanent investing. The interest/dividends earned from the investment are then used to help the parish with building projects, faith formation ministries, or general operating costs—while your investment stays intact to earn additional interest/dividends for years to come. A donation designated to the Parish Endowment Fund is a permanent way of benefiting the Parish for years to come.

If an Endowment Fund is something you are open to donating toward, there are five ways for you to contribute. If you have questions or need assistance contact Catholic Community Foundation

5 ways to contribute

Cash or Stock

Give any cash amount, any time! Gifts of stock are converted to cash and added to our fund—and can possibly eliminate your capital gains tax. Cash donations can be made online or by check. Instructions here.

Bequest in Your Will or Estate Plan

You can include us in your Will or Estate Plan. Choose a dollar amount or percentage to give as a gift. Contact your attorney or Catholic Community Foundation

Life Insurance or IRA Beneficiary Designations

You can name us as full or partial primary or contingent beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Even donating a percentage can provide a significant tax benefit.

Donation of Real Estate

Almost any type of real estate can be donated to us: personal residence, commercial building, vacation home, undeveloped land, or farmland. 

Retirement Assets

As a qualified charitable distribution, you can directly transfer funds from your IRA to us without an itemized tax return.This can also help you keep your taxable income lower.
If you have questions or need assistance contact Catholic Community Foundation

To donate online

Click the button below and complete the following steps:
  1. Enter the Amount you wish to give
  2. Fill in the necessary billing information
  3. select "PARISH FUNDS" to see a list of parishes
  5. Click "DONATE NOW"

To donate with a check

  1. Write check to: 
    Catholic Community Foundation San Diego
  2. In the Memo line include:
    St. Vincent de Paul Parish Endowment Fund
  3. Mail the check directly to:
Catholic Community Foundation San Diego
St. Vincent de Paul Parish Endowment Fund
PO Box 81023, San Diego, CA 92138