DIP Jesus Series - Class 4 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 10/24/23

We watched 10:30-16:00 of the below "Fearless" documentary.  Strong recommendation to watch the entire 1 hr. 15 min.  Powerful testimonies about the Holy Spirit gifts being the manifestation of Jesus through His Body, the Church on the earth.  Moving documentary with a lot of hard-hitting Catholic theologians interspersed for explanation of what's happening with all these healings and incredible prophecy stories!
We watched 13:51-18:21 of the below Episode 6 of Symbolon: The Paschal Mystery. Recommend entire 45 min video for a fuller theological background and explanation of why Jesus died for us and what it means that He bore the cross, was crucified, died and is Risen from the Dead.  (Be sure to have your free subscription to formed.org set up in order for the link below to work--see instructions on DIP General Resource Page to obtain your access to formed.org).
We watched 17:00-26:00 of the below Alpha: Who is Jesus video (re: Resurrection accounts as proof that Jesus is God).  Also recommend the entire 26 minutes of this video for more on the Lord, Liar, lunatic, more theological proof that the Bible is a reliable source and other great testimonies!
Up in the Church we watched/prayed with the below, beautiful 3.5 minute artistic, soul-lifting rendition of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Watch again and share with someone today! POWERFULLY MOVING and good for a 3.5 min time out to plug your heart into Jesus.
We read the following Scriptures in Class and shared what our small groups understood from the Resurrection accounts:
John 20: 1-18John 20: 19-31John 21: 1-25
Luke 24: 13-35Matthew 28:1-15Mark 16: 1-8

Additional Related Resources

First look at the Cross of Christ -- 7 minutes:
Songs of the Week: "The Blood" By Bethel Music (beautiful lyrics about the Blood of Jesus and what He does for us to make us sons and daughters of God.
"Christ is Risen" by Matt Maher (who incidentally is one of the very few (if not the only) Catholic-Christian artist to make it big in the Christian music industry)!

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