DIP Last 4 Things Series - Class 1 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 11/07/23

We watched the following from formed.org (make sure you have your free account already initiated).

Powerpoint from last night. Contains Apologetics Verses for Purgatory and Saints (we did not explicitly cover this in class, but you can check out the details here.

Below is the Audio from most of the class (excluding small group time and the videos (which are above):
Up in the Church we watched/prayed with the Scripture that the Lord had given me when I asked what He wanted for last night, earlier that day in prayer...here's the picture of the page I opened to (1 Tim 6: 17- end was at the top of the page...2 Tim 1-2 is also super relevant!--recommend reading).  We also meditated on Mark 10--the story of the rich young man....some music from that time, if you want to use it for background soaking worship when you have prayer time:

Additional Related Resources

Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the 4 Last Things: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Section:
Paragraphs 988-1022: Judgement and dying
Paragraphs 1023-1029: Heaven
Paragraphs 1030-1032: Purgatory
Paragraphs 1033-1037: Hell
Paragraphs 1038-1041: The Last Judgement
Paragraphs 1042-1060: New Heaven and New Earth 
Songs of the Week: "I Can Only Imagine"

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