Day 3: MYM 7 Day Challenge

Meet Your Maker Challenge: Day 3

Scriptures of the Day for Day 3

Today's Words from Jesus on how to live: 
Luke 14: 25-33
Matthew 18: 21-35
Matthew 5: 21-26

Today's Words from the New Testament Letters on how to live:  
Hebrews 12: 1-9
Romans 12: 1-21
Scripture Reading/Journaling Instructions:  Click here for general instructions, if you haven't seen yet .

Daily Inspirational Resource

Day 3: Powerful Testimony from Catholic priest, Fr. Rick who clinically died and came back to life.  He shares his near death experience.  1 hr. 16 min but worth it! 

Daily Educational Resource

Dr. Brant Pitri on where Purgatory is in the Bible

Song of the Day

Day 3: You Remain by Upper Room. Powerful lyrics: "When I see Your face, I'll wish I'd given more away...." Ponder that as you listen.  Seeing Jesus and realizing your earthly life is over...what will you wish you'd given to the Lord and to His people that you clung to on earth?

Daily Meet Your Maker Moment

Tonight's (Night 3) Prayer Meditation Exercise: FORGIVING
1. Optional: Watch the 9 min video below from Fr. Mike Schmitz about how to forgive from the heart
2. Picture yourself with Jesus at the end of your life.  See His eyes beholding you.  Feel His touch and loving, empathic knowing of all that you've endured.  
3. Ask Him: "Jesus, is there anyone I need to forgive? Is there any bitterness I'm holding on to that can't be with me in Heaven?" Listen for the answer. Or you may already know it, and come to Him first saying, "I need to forgive (name) for what they did to me, but it's hard).
4.  Converse with Him about how that person (or people) has (have) hurt you.  Feel His compassion for you regarding the injustices against you.  Ask Him what He thinks about it (remember that Jesus does not like actions done against His children--He cares for you, cries with you, and in justice, will be very sorry for what has happened to hurt you).
5. Ask Jesus: How do you see this person?  What do you want for them? (Remember that even though Jesus doesn't like the sinful actions of people that hurt others, he loves every person and wants them to be saved and reconciled back to God.  He desires them ultimately to receive His forgiveness, repent, believe and be with Him forever in Heaven).
6. Ask the Holy Spirit for grace and strength to forgive the person from your heart.
When you are ready, say outloud:  "As Jesus has forgiven me, I choose to forgive (Person's Name) for (what they did and what it cost you) and I choose to release them from all bitterness and anger in the name of Jesus."  
7.  Hear Jesus tell you how proud He is of you for taking the step to forgive. Receive a tearful hug from Him, let Him console you, if it was hard for you.  Then hear Him whisper:  "I say, love your enemeies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." (Luke 6: 27-28) Then hear Him invite you to hold hands with Him and pray together, specific blessings for the person(s) you just forgave.
 8. Ask Jesus if He wants you to reconcile with this person on earth, or if simply forgiving them from afar is all that is necessary and best for you
(Note: It could be either--see the Fr. Mike video and podcast recommendations below for more on this nuanced and somewhat complicated subject).
Click here for the general Meet Your Maker Nightly Examen
For a great Catholic podcast on emotional healing and health, check out Restore the Glory with Bob Schuchts and Jake Khym.  Episode 68 and 69 about forgiveness. And a ton of great other resources for a full life on their webiste--click the picture to link to this FREE resource!

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