DHW January 23, 2024

Goal 1

Try praying a rosary or a decade of the rosary each day this week!

Goal 2 (second chance at last week's...cause the Bible is that important and that GOOD!)

In your regular prayer time...
Choose one of the following BIBLE READING METHODS to implement and into your life and do it every day this week:

  • Choose a short verse from the Bible & read out loud (or in your head) 3-7 times (however many words it is), emphasizing a different word each time (could do a different one each day or stick with the same one for a week).

  • Practice Lectio Divina with a different scene from one of the Gospels each day.  Try the method of meditating on it, by putting yourself in the scene.

  • Read one Psalm per day (perhaps in order 1-7 or bounce around), one chapter or portion of a Gospel and one portion of a letter from the New Testament each day.

  • Pick one chapter from the Bible to prayerfully read every day this week (i.e. same passage over and over each day).  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you something new each time.  Write down what He highlights or what new questions arise.  Converse with Him about it.  
    • Suggested passages *these are longer--you can focus on different small sections each day but read through the entirety to start off, then refocus and re-read just a small portion.  Try listening to it being read to you one of the days as well. 
      • John 14: 1-14
      • Luke 10: 1-24
      • Matthew 5 or 6 (entire chapters)
      • Mark 16 (entire chapter)
      • John 15 (entire chapter)
      • 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-27
      • Romans 12: 1-21
      • 1 Peter 1: 1-25
      • 1 John 5: 1-18

Goal 3

Check out one or more of the Marian videos in the Resources and Extras page to get more in depth explanation (and hear testimony) on devotion to Mary. 

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