DIP Prayer Series - Class 3 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 1/23/24
Prayer Part 3

We watched this short video from Fr. Mark Mary to start us off...
We watched 13:30-23:00 From the Symbolon Video  linked below (must have your free formed.org acct set up to listen.  Whole thing is wonderful on Mary, the Saints and the 4 Marian Dogmas. 

Additional Related Resources

11 Minutes from Catholic Convert, Tim Staples on what changed his mind about Mary --from dead-set against to all for!
Longer (53 min) testimony from Catholic Convert, Scott Hahn on his journey from being anti-Catholic, anti-Mary to embracing the Catholic Church and Mary as his mother. 
1 hour and change from Dr. Brant Pitri with tons of great biblical explanations/proof about Marian Dogmas that we can pull from the Bible and from Jewish tradition. 
Songs of the Week:  "Great Things" By Matt Maher (based off of Mary's Magnificat"

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