DIP Prayer Series - Class 4 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 1/30/24
Prayer Part 4

How to Hear God's Voice with Fr. Alex.  Here is the audio recording of the teaching from Fr. Alex.  *It's in two parts -- Part 1 is 3 minutes because the recording got cut off by an alarm on my phone.  The Second Part is 1 hour. 

Additional Related Resources

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice from Mark Virkler.  Fr. Alex mentioned him last night as one of the teacher's on hearing God's voice that he learned from.  This is Mark's testimony of how he came to understand this, with a little bit of explanation.  Part 1 is 4 min and part 2 is 8. 
Songs of the Week:  "I'm Listening" By Chris McClarney

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