DIP The Catholic Church & the 7 Sacraments - Class 2 DISCIPLESHIP HOMEWORK

DHW February 13, 2024

Goal 1

During your Scripture Reading Time, try doing a lectio Divina (Prayerful reading, conversational with the Holy Spirit) about the following Scripture passages that have to do with Baptism and Confirmation.  Do one a day

John 3: 1-21
Matthew 28: 16-20 & Mark 16: 14-18
Acts 2: 1-28
Acts 2: 29-41
Acts 8: 26-40
Acts 9: 10-19 (baptism of St. Paul)
Acts 10: 44-49

And some bonus one-liners (though it's always great to read more for context):
1 Peter 3: 21
1 Corinthians 12: 13
Romans 6: 3-4
Galatians 3: 27

Goal 2

Try praying with the method Fr. Alex taught 3 weeks ago for 15 minutes each day. This week try asking questions about Baptism and Confirmation
  • Holy Spirit, how do You want me to understand the role of baptism in my life?
  • Jesus, have I fully embraced the gifts you gave me at Confirmation?
  • Holy Spirit, please explain the sacrament of Confirmation to me
  • (If you are getting baptized or Confirmed): Father, who do You want me to choose for godparents and/or sponsor?
  • (If already baptized or Confirmed): Father, how do you want me to pray and/or grow in relationship for my godparents and/or sponsor
Write down what you feel the Lord saying in response and continue the conversation in whatever way you see fit...."ASK and you will receive." Matthew 7:7

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