DIP The Catholic Church & the 7 Sacraments - Class 2 RESOURCES

Resources From Class 2/13/24
The Catholic Church and the
Seven Sacraments Part 2

We watched most of the below video and broke for small group conversation about it
We also watched this short video from Fr. Mike Schmitz

Additional Related Resources

Extra video teachings below: Very insightful, new angles on baptism and confirmation -- 5 - 8 min.  Touches on many of the questions that were asked at the end of class with thorough answers! 
Song of the Week: Riverside by Ike Ndolo --- great, joy-filled song about baptism, by Catholic-Christian artist who leads worship at Steubenville Youth Conferences and hopefully will cross over to more mainstream Christian scene like Matt Maher (so far the only other Catholic artist to break through with a lot of fame/presence into the Christian music scene).

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