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Personal Testimony (General Relationship With God Story) Creation Guide
by Peggy Tacchino on March 18th, 2024
STEP ONE: Dialogue with God, pray and think about some or all of the questions below, as a bounce-board for your dive into your story.  You can write your answers as you go, if you wish.What circumstances, attitudes, things that I watched, listened to, people I was around, etc. affected how I thought about God/related to Him when I was growing up?Is there one moment in particular (or perhaps a few...  Read More
ACTS Prayer Explanation
by Peggy Tacchino on August 1st, 2023
A = Adoration: Essentially these exclamations of praise and adoration, help us to come into God's presence, to remember Who it is we are talking to and seeking communion with--Our God who is Love.  This is a time to praise God for His attributes, as if you were affirming a human person for their wonderful qualities.  Think on Who God is and let Your heart really come into appreciation for Him and ...  Read More
Discipleship Immersion Process General Resource Page
by Peggy Tacchino on August 1st, 2023
HOW TO GET A FORMED.ORG ACCOUNT:Go to www.formed.orgClick "sign up"Click "sign up as a parishioner"Search by our zip-code (92103) for St. Vincent'sCreate an account with your email You'll have immediate access to thousands of video, audio, book, and movie content that you can trust to share the true Catholic Church teaching!...  Read More
God, Our Father's Love: A mini retreat
by Peggy Tacchino on August 1st, 2023
Here are some moving videos of real dad's loving their kids...take them in and then spend time realizing that this is REALLY how God loves you...not ethereal, but tangible, tender, and MORE real than the most significant love you've felt on earth...and completely perfectly, consistently and. Single Verses on God the FatherPsalm 68: 6              John 14: 9-11             Luke 11: 13      Peter 1:...  Read More

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